NEW BOOK ALERT - NEVER2LATE by Neal Bendesky, aka 199GUY
How a Lifestyle Reimagination Can Save Your Life...It Saved Mine
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THE JOURNEY, SHAREABLE MOMENTS AND 199GUYLIFESTYLE PLATFORM for Neal Bendesky who lost over 199 Pounds and Survived Sudden Cardiac Death!

My name is Neal Bendesky and I am 199GUY. This is my story.

I’ve written this book to tell every one of you that reads this message that it is Never2Late to accomplish your wildest dreams.  My dream was to live again. After all, I had one foot in the grave.

Listen to this number.  I said listen to this, 450 pounds. One step from the grave. I was not living.  I was a walking dead man. In 2014, I started a wellness journey and lost over 199 pounds and reimagined my life helping me become the CEO of my life, my community, my legacy and now, my family. Included in this quick but valuable read, my fourteen chapters will recount and share the many steps taken from a person who also survived sudden cardiac death and went from the couch to completing 14 half marathons. I will also introduce you to my unique LIFESTYLE platform so that you too can be the CEO of your life. Take that first step and read the book. I look forward to hearing about your own journey. Remember, it’s Never2Late.

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Books Will Ship Out Summer 2022
*100% safe & secure, 256-byte encryption
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